The Beatles ‘Octopuses Garden’

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Dimensions 60 × 60 cm

Octopus’s Garden – my personal depiction of the Abbey Road cover, creating a oneness and union of the fabulous four before their split that together were and forever will be the most famous band English band of all time.

Bigger than God? – As John Lennon once stated therefore stirring controversy – I think not, but they were without a doubt and will infinitely be the most iconic, revolutionary, and creative band of all time. Pure artistry that broke out of that this time period creating music and something that is unique and original.

Why I chose Octopus’s Garden?

Because it’s a song full of peace with a joyful narrative. An underwater world may seem like the perfect place to escape and seek refuge when things get tough. Octopuses are solitary creatures very much like us that design their own homes or caves and build a gardens around it.

Pushing aside the conspiracy theories of the cover of the album and the wave of arguments that came wether Abbey Road was indeed their final album before their breakup..whatever the case.. just let it be & enjoy the music.

  • Giclee Canvas prints
  • Sizes are not standard. Framer is recommended.
  • Unframed – ships in a tube
  • Sizes exclude additional border margin for framing.
  • Signed by the artist.


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