‘The Magic of the Music from Big Pink’

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Dimensions 68 × 52 cm

Somewhere in the outskirts of Woodstock in 1967, a group of six young men decided to separate themselves from the pack.

The Band (Robbie Robertson -LevonHelm -GarthHudson -RickDanko -RichardManuel) and Bob Dylan.

It was in a salmon colored box-shaped house fenced by tranquil woods, dubbed as ‘Big Pink’ that they found their inspiration for songwriting and creativity.

I added a special guest into the scenery. Hamlet was a big bear-like looking dog brought in by Bob Dylan into the cabin. This dog definitely witnessed the magic of the music during those recording sessions.

The Band are bathed in the glow of brotherhood. The bonfire here represents their creative epiphany at Big Pink and as the sparks rise into the night sky, they release musical notes. Dylan’s painting for the cover of the original album of music from big pink shows 6 musicians, so in the spirit of that I’ve included Bob sitting at the side of the house sitting in his period of silence.

  • Giclee Canvas prints
  • Sizes are not standard. Framer is recommended.
  • Unframed – ships in a tube
  • Sizes exclude additional border margin for framing.
  • Signed by the artist.


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